Pickle what?

As arrivals from local farms and gardens reach fever pitch this time of year, squash and zucchini have a way of becoming background music. They’re not flashy; they’re not the kind of thing you can just pick up and nosh, like a cucumber or peach, or even a tomato (for some of us). But they are abundant, and I love them in their humility, and for reminding me that summer’s in full swing. I like to slice them and cook them in butter with onions until they just soften. Salt, pepper, maybe some dill — about the easiest and quickest side dish out there.

A couple of weeks ago I took home 4-5 yellow squash and 2-3 larger green zucchini. Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking a lot about pickles and blogs (isn’t everyone?) so while perusing pauperedchef I saw a cool zucchini pickling recipe that they kifed from Cafe Zuni.  Best part? Nearly as simple as my previously favorite zucchini “recipe.” I made it for the 2nd time with my 4 year-old son just last week since my earlier stash was long gone. It’s better now thanks to his input: all the pieces aren’t so uniform. We even reused the remaining liquid from the first batch for the second. With a nod to vinegar and sourdough bread, I will keep this pickle mother until it’s beyond the pale. 2nd best part? Totally works for picklebacks.


One thought on “Pickle what?

  1. Hope you saved some pickles for me to taste! You grew up on “Dilled Beans”, Watermelon Pickles (a la Mrs. Cornwall), Spiced Peach Pickles and the best dill pickles in the world created by your Grandma Anna! Must be in the DNA! Nina

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