Pleased to meat you.

Honestly, we see some strange foods around here. Chocolate wasabi plum cupcakes? Really?

On the other hand, it was especially awesome back in July when two guys came to Feast with a briefcase of cured pork. They only came about 60 miles, from Manakin-Sabot, VA. They were “just getting started” in the business of curing and selling artisan meats. The humility…

I’ll be the first to admit that my tastes are swayed by the intrigue of food grown or made close to home. Just as honey from bees in your own neighborhood strengthens your immune system, foods from your neighborhood stengthen your delicious system.

But there was no prejudice needed in this case. Oliveiro (Olli) Colmignoli is a fourth generation salumiere from Italy. He and his partner Chip Vosmik make their traditional salume from pasture-raised pigs grown on family farms. They use 160 year old recipes. They take their time and use their hands. The rich and balanced taste of each of the meats sings.

We sat down, cracked a bottle of wine, and genuinely enjoyed the flavors, the conversation, and their accomplishment. There was no confusion, no drawbacks, just simple, delicious flavor and texture. I think Oliveiro enjoyed watching the Feast crew shake their heads, close their eyes, and savor. At that moment we were joined with the lucky folks who have enjoyed his family’s magic these four generations. No translation necessary.

Olli‘s is a fledging company, but my bet is that they’ve secured a nice long 4th generation of Salume making. I’m so glad it’s being done here in VA. Right now we’re eating coppa and speck at Feast. Hams and salames will be released around Christmas. Culatello, too. Can’t wait for that. Do yourself a favor and come in and get a taste and embrace your new neighborhood Salumeria Americana.


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