Restaurant Week (chez vous)

Charlottesville’s semi-annual Restaurant Week is going on right now. This a week when C-ville’s finest food establishments become deliciously accessible to us all. For an easy $26 you can dine on pappardelle & duck sugo, homemade lobster ravioli in crema rosa sauce or marinated leg of lamb with horseradish gratin potatoes. With an accompanying first course and dessert, you will feel more than compensated for the extra effort you put into your toilette.

You can dine like this, but will you? That is the question and the angst. With a population especially eager for good food and a memorable dining experience, you will be lucky to book a reservation this late in the game. If you are a veteran of C-ville Restaurant Week, you will of course have been stalking this web site for months, anxiously anticipating the release of dates, restaurants and the all-determining menus. But, as I said, it’s a dog eat dog sort of town when it comes to food and unless you are a skilled stalker it’s challenging to book the place of your choice, let alone a dining time after six or before nine. But do not despair, there is a solution beyond slumping in the pizza-blues: three-course dining chez vous.

Below is a simple menu inspired by the selections of our savvy local restauranteurs which can easily be prepared at home. Impress your friends (you know, the ones not dining at L’étoile tonight) by serving three delicious courses that will delight your palates and foster contentment.

First Course

Crostini ~ olive tapenade, marinated anchovies, roasted red peppers, local Caromont goat cheese  Inspired by Camino

How to: Serve Feast house-made Crostini with a selection of house-made tapenade, marinated anchovies, Italian roasted peppers and local Caromont goat cheese.

Second Course

Sage & Prosciutto Risotto ~ creamy risotto made with Italian Prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano reggiano  Inspired by Orzo

How to: Follow this recipe and garnish portions with sage leaves fried lightly in butter.

Third Course

Chocolate Pot de Crème ~ garnished with fresh whipped cream and shaved chocolate  Inspired by C & O Restaurant

How to: Make this recipe the day before, bring to room temperature when ready to serve and garnish with

unsweetened whipped cream and shaved dark chocolate. Add berries if you are feeling especially fancy.

Hint: The next Restaurant Week is July 11th-17th but in the meantime happy dining en famille!


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