Talented Little Chefs Visit Feast!

How lucky I am. An opportunity arose to volunteer with the PB&J Fund, a Charlottesville non-profit devoted to teaching healthy eating habits to kids. I have never looked back.  Partnering with the Boys and Girls Club, The PB&J Fund conducts weekly cooking classes to lower, middle and high school students. As a volunteer I assist with these cooking classes….from teaching the importance of portion size to illustrating the different flavors of international cuisines, to demonstrating knife skills, cooking techniques and food safety, proud students try their healthy creations at the end of the two hour class (and with peanut butter being one of my most favorite foods….the name of the PB&J Fund just seemed like the perfect fit!).

At the end of the previous session we had a graduation celebration where students and parents enjoyed dinner at Orzo, a Mediterranean restaurant right here in the Main Street Market. The big moment occurred when the girls prepared the appetizers in the Orzo kitchen…. prosciutto and basil oil crostini with mozzarella and parmesan, a roasted red pepper and goat cheese crostini with reduced balsamic glaze and Caesar salads. And what a great job they did!

But before our night at Orzo began, my proud moment began when I was able to give the girls a tour of Feast!….

Such fun. We started the tour with a taste of local apples with Virginia peanut butter and a sample of St. Andre (A triple cream cow’s milk cheese) with strawberry amaretto preserves (I have to admit, the peanut butter and apples were by far the most popular!). We then walked around the store and the girls tried our Greek Goddess Dip with baby carrots and Roasted Tomato Pesto Spread with Nita Crisps. We then moved to the antipasti and candy wall to try Cajun Virginia peanuts and jelly beans before traveling to the cheese counter and tasting Andouille sausage and chocolate goat cheese…yes chocolate and what a hit!

Such a treat to be able to share with these amazing girls some very unique foods and see their willingness to try nearly everything! And something I learned from one of the students….strawberry amaretto preserves and Virginia peanut butter….an incredible combination!


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