So…where have we been?

We're sorry to have been away for so long. Please accept our apology and this image of a hamster with flowers.

For those of you keeping score at home, Feast has been absent from the blogosphere since April 13th.  A variety of actual business factors contributed to the four-month radio silence, but rest assured that good old-fashioned laziness also played some part in our hiatus.  It’s a tad embarrassing to be the owners of a neglected blog*; therefore, we pledge to get back on track.

Starting today, we will once again provide regular blog posts from the center of the food universe at 416 West Main Street.  What’s that?  You’re wondering what we’ve been doing for the last 16 weeks?  That is a reasonable question and we owe you a reasonable answer. Here goes…

+We traveled to the Fancy Food Show in DC and stuffed our faces with all sorts of gourmet goodies.**  In the coming moths, we hope to unleash a treasure trove of new deliciousness on Charlottesville. Stay tuned.

+We promoted several individuals and made more than a few incredible hires.  Ehren Siebert now heads up our cheese & charcuterie department and is assisted by new hire Levi Houk (and of course long-time cheesemonger Wes Roberts).  In the Feast café, Megan Kiernan is our newly anointed fearless leader.  She recently gained a fantastic asset in new hire Julia Dunville.  You’ll hear from some of these folks in future blog posts.

+We welcomed hundreds of wine bloggers to Charlottesville for their annual conference and did our best to introduce them to the amazing food and wine that VA has to offer.

+We brought back our Farm to Feast program for a second year and kicked it off in early July.  Every Saturday through August 27th we’re featuring a local food producer in the store.  Come meet the amazing folks that grow & raise your food and taste some of their best product.

See! I told you we’ve been busy! It’s not all about sitting around eating cheese and drinking wine (although in full disclosure we manage to do our fair share of that.)  Keep an eye out for more posts soon.  It feels good to be back.

*Kind of similar to owning a neglected music collection that is comprised purely of selections from the 80’s (e.g. Crash Test Dummies, Loverboy, Wham etc.)

**While not at the exhibitor hall consuming calories, we ate north of 100 oysters at Hank’s and chased them with cava. Afterward, we experimented with mammoth glasses of iced gin at Fox and Hounds Lounge . Just thought you should know.


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