Fancy Food Show Trend #2: Young Specialty Food Entrepreneurs



The under 40 crowd is obviously inspired by making specialty foods.  Is it the a result of the Food Network, a need to save the family farm or take over the family business, or the innovative environment of the specialty food business that is attracting so many young entrepreneurs to the craft?  We don’t know, but we love to support this trend!

(pictured here: Shamus Jones, owner of Brooklyn Brine Pickles)


Fat Toad Farm is run by husband and wife team Steve Reid and Judith Irving, their daughters Calley Hastings and Hannah Reid, and two perfectly invaluable employees Katie Sullivan & Christine Porcaro. The family has spent the last seven years building a high-quality herd of French Alpine milking goats and perfecting the art of caramel making. 



Anne represents the finest French cheeses legally imported into the US. Her knowledge and passion is far beyond her years.

Get them at Feast! soon…



Alessandro Carpenedo represents his Italian family’s remarkable cheeses around the world.  Here he holds the exquisite Blu ’61, a cheese that his father created for his mother in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary. It is a romantic and delectable blue cheese that is aged in wine and dried cranberries.  We can’t wait to offer it at Feast! in August.


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