Fancy Food Show Trends: #3 – Artisan Cheese & Cured meats

Artisan cheese and cured meats, made by hand in small batches, are HOT! We do have concerns about how smoothly this trend will scale up.  It’s hard to grow and keep quality up. Artisan foods take expert care on the farm, production facility and at the store level.  Producers will need to partner with retailers who are knowledgeable and equipped to honor and represent their products well.  We, at Feast!, are prepared to do just that!


Fra’Mani Salami handmade in Oakland, California


Noceto – Italian cheese aged with walnut leaves


Sottocenere – An Italian masterpiece. Aged in a coat of nutmeg, coriander, cinnamon, licorice, cloves, and fennel, and laced throughout with slivers of black truffle.


Ubriaco al Prosecco – means “drunk with prosecco”.  An Italian’s take on recycling- a delicious cheese aged in prosecco grape skins left after making sparkling wine.


Sara learning about Charlito’s Cocina Cured Meats – Another young food entrepreneur, born Charles Samuel Wekselbaum, and raised in New York City in a Cuban-American household, Charles took on the nickname, “Charlito,” derived partially from a difficulty that Spanish speakers close to him seemed to  have pronouncing “Charles,” and partially of a willingness to bestow an affectionate nickname upon “little Charles.” The nickname stuck. It is rife with love, affection, and now, history. The name “Charlito’s Cocina” seemed a most fitting way to give proud and accurate identity to this gastronomic adventure.

We loved Charlito’s newest salami, Cerveza Seco, with a key ingredient of beer. It’s on order now…


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