Meet the people who know how to feast:

G owns the place.  He’s in charge.  He loves cured meat and his favorite word is probably delicious, or else he just says it a lot.

Dave is the general manager and purchaser.  He spends his days searching out the next delicious food we’re going to carry.  He loves rolling his eyes and anything to do with truffles.

Megan is our chef and manager of the cafe.  She lives in the sticks and also enjoys woodworking- coincidence? Megan spent some time in LA and is therefore more laid back than everyone else.  She can pickle with the best of them.

Sarah is the produce and catering manager and gift box guru.  She spends a lot of time making things in the store look beautiful. Although not vegetarian herself, she can cook veg like a champion.

Ehren oversees all things cheese and charcuterie. He can expertly pair cheese with anything (edible) under the sun. Oddly, he has a ton of wisdom regarding chainsaws and likes cutting stuff down.  He may have been a logger or beaver in a previous life.

Terri leads our floor staff and is most frequently rockin’ the register. She’s memorized the price of everything in the store. Her yoga diligence is better than yours (and certainly better than mine). She makes her own kombucha.

Phoebe is the graphic designer.  She loves drawing food, but loves eating it even more.  She drinks Russian tea by the glass, but wishes it was by the bucket.


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